<>Concept Art

The IBNII is a spa resort in Coorg, Karnataka. They hired us to do a whole range of things from paintings to murals. We did a series of very colourful oil paintings, inspired by the nature of Coorg, for their restaurants. Our presence marks the entry with a huge mosaic mural - a mural made of thousands of coloured pieces of tile. This project required a lot of planning and hard work to get results. And a great result, we did get! This mural at the reception is so detailed, there is something new to discover every time. In contrast, we made an abstract mural at the stair case landing that lends character to this otherwise unnoticed space. We went with a playful approach for the mask sculptures in the bar. Colourful bottles and masks set the mood for fun at the resort's bar. Our works were such a roaring success, that we are currently working on the second phase of this project.