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Premnath - Portrait Mural
Lucky are the few who get a chance to work with legendary architect Prem Nath. Luckier are the ones who get to create art for him.
This portrait mural of Mr.Nath was commissioned by his wife, Mrs. Priti Nath as a surprise for him. This mural is on a wall seen at the entrance of his farmhouse in Karjat, Maharashtra. Mrs.Nath wanted a portrait painted on the wall, but we suggested a mosaic - something better suited for a wall that would see a lot of rain and sun. A mosaic by itself is a challenge to make, especially within a limited time of a month since it involves a lot of planning from colours, size, shape and quantity of tiles. And this was a unique mosaic, a portrait! We had to source out as many as 13 shades, just for the skin to get the facial features right. And our sketch for the mosaic was with the consideration that this was a mural 8 feet tall and getting the anatomy and proportions right was essential. Essential, to get the desired result of a portrait that brought out the essence of Mr. Nath (which we believe we have).
Update: Mrs.Priti Nath informs us that the mural was much appreciated by her husband.