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Every year, the Bhakti Kala Kshetra- part of the ISKON group, conducts Radha Krishna Utsav. And the participants of this music festival are awarded a memento in appreciation.
These mementos are of Chaitanya Swami - the revered sage seen in the logo of the Bhakti Kala Kshetra. The organisers were not very happy with this statuette and approached us. We re-worked the memento and they appreciated the detailing we had put into the statuette, the overall composition and how the base complemented it. We made ten of these statuettes in FRP. The gold coloured statuettes are 17 inches tall, including the base with a brass plaque. The detailing, composition and graceful pose of Chaitanya swami is best seen to be admired, than explained.