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Connecting the Dots
Hinduja Global Solutions is a corporate that deals with call centres and BPOs concerning diverse fields like information technology, automobile, healthcare, media, banks & finance etc. Concept Art was commissioned to create two murals for their corporate head office in Bangalore right from concept generation to execution and installation.

One of these murals is called "Connecting the Dots"
We can call 'today' as the ICE age " Information Communication Entertainment, where we are constantly connecting the dots inbetween to make a bigger picture. Inspiration is taken from Michelangelo's painting - The Creation of Adam, where God breathes life into Adam. The near-touching hands of God and Adam is an icon of humanity. The touch symbolizes connections = connecting the dots and creating a larger network, which is the core purpose of the company.

As Steve Jobs has put it rightly "Creativity is just having enough dots to connect."
This 13 feet wide mural welcomes you right at the entry to their corporate office at Bangalore. The mural is fabricated using thousands of stainless steel spheres connecting each other to compose two hands without losing on its anatomical structure and proportion. In the process of welding, a joint is colloquially called as tanka which means stitch. Precisely, the mural is created by skilfully stitching together the spheres to make a quilt of network.