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One World
Hinduja Global Solutions is a corporate that deals with call centres and BPOs concerning diverse fields like information technology, automobile, healthcare, media, banks & finance etc. Concept Art was commissioned to create two murals for their corporate head office in Bangalore right from concept generation to execution and installation.

One of these murals is called "One World"

Based on the concept of Sustainability, a mural was designed to uphold the idea of Reduce Reuse and Recycle. In an age where various things are ripping the world apart, there are certain hitches that keep the world together, one of them being e-waste. E-waste management is the current global concern and India is the 5th largest producer. The mural ONE WORLD signifies global connections and harmony by reusing e-waste in a creative way.

This world map stretches 16 feet wide and is interestingly composed using e-waste. Apart from being toxic, paradoxically this material is a design in itself. The construction and detailing of each piece makes one wander in its city like plans with a platter of color and texture. This mural represents our empathy towards ewaste and is an attempt to promote the concept of sustainability.